She tells her secrets to the clouds and asks the rainbows for advice, but Annie sobs and screams and cries when the rain comes pouring down. My love lies like the sweetest breeze, and kisses like a hurricane, but when the lies give her away, all that she can do is bleed. My moaning Annie,… My Annie lives out here and there, and sleeps on anybody’s bed, then disappears between the sheets, she loves as fast as she forgets. By morning Annie wasn’t there, leaving not pleasure but regret, no lying song in my ears, not at all, anywhere. Oh no, don’t go wrap your heart in hatred and despair, I love what/who you are.


from The birds & the stone, released January 2, 2017
Letra y Música Rafa de la Rubia




Elliot Poe Spain

(de jazz/rock/blues de 5 miembros)
DE UN SOLO (multidisciplinar y mentalmente sano)

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