Baby's waltz

from by Elliot Poe



Times ain´t timeless in God´s old town, Baby´s kingdom dims down and frowns. Autumn´s arriving, put trees on hold, watch the yard from the couch. A big old fat fish in a drying pond, she´s just another of stories too told, dressed up in hairstyle and sleeping gown she don´t shine anymore. Poor little baby won´t stand it, por baby wants too be seen. Once had commandments, would travel, now just some beautiless queen. Bring back the gallows, the whip and the knife. Bathe me in milkblood and strighten my lines. Open the waters and bark off the dogs and keep timeless the times. Tame down the horses, the cradle and all, fill up my suitcase of silver and gold. Questions are pointless, but answers bring light to this old heart of stone. Poor little baby will raise now, por baby’s fists’ll shake the leaf, waltzes and diamonds will shine now, no more the beautiless queen. Beautiful queen in her card-castle stood, stubborn and proud of her own clever moves, but neighbours with torches burned down to the roots baby’s dream-castle of fools.


from The birds & the stone, released January 2, 2017
Letra y Música Rafa de la Rubia




Elliot Poe Spain

(de jazz/rock/blues de 5 miembros)
DE UN SOLO (multidisciplinar y mentalmente sano)

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