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I can’t help, I can’t help driving wildly through this stupid hell, stupid hell, stupid hell, fires burning piercing heaven’s bell. God keeps rising up her skirt and the church keeps peeking up the dirt, while the White-faced devil still soaks up his bed, and no one knows which way we should go next underpaid. In this town, this big dark town, huge Wheel trucks keep travelling all around, waking up, constantly waking up sleepless neighbours beg for wooden gowns. The deaf keep dancing to their favourite tune and the blind keep watching their favourite view, while birds keep dodging stones like fools, and no wise man knows how far we should go next underpaid


from The birds & the stone, released January 2, 2017
Letra y Música Rafa de la Rubia




Elliot Poe Spain

(de jazz/rock/blues de 5 miembros)
DE UN SOLO (multidisciplinar y mentalmente sano)

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