World weather report

from by Elliot Poe



A smelly cloud of acid rain has fallen all around, and some dancers don’t mind getting soaking wet; it’s the faithless and the greedy breaking down communications, while believers keep laying restless on their beds. A white-faced devil under crimson horns wearing leather and frustration smiles at the riots on a wall of televisions, and travels through the dreams of the sleepless while the dancers exhale the lies we’ll eat today. And History goes back and forth again… A muddy flood of dirt and rage spreads as fast as the rumours of History repeating itself again, meanwhile a crowd is singing songs about lost wars and revolutions, and using weapons hid inside a pen. The devil laughs aloud and whispers hard upon the ears of drunk deluded men who place the blame upon believers on the streets, willing to close their eyes, as the faithless and the greedy skip the mess. And History goes back and forth again… A stone-cold wall of hurricanes is hitting hard the greedy belt, reality beats again imagination. The cowards shit their pants and claim for careles retribution, leaving all around a heavy stink of violation, and History goes back and forth again…


from The birds & the stone, released January 2, 2017
Letra y Música Rafa de la Rubia




Elliot Poe Spain

(de jazz/rock/blues de 5 miembros)
DE UN SOLO (multidisciplinar y mentalmente sano)

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